Nepal Funeral Service Pvt. Ltd. (NFS) is one of the oldest and reputed funeral homes and repatriation service providers based in Kathmandu with the service point at most of the major areas in Nepal. NFS was long ago established as a family owned funeral home but since 2010 it is operating as a private limited international repatriation company.

The company is now operating by some of the experienced international undertakers, para-medics and funeral directors. NFS works with medical assistance companies, funeral homes, travel insurances, rescue and assistance companies, embassies, and the bereaved families. Here is a complete list of our services.


Repatriation of deceased

Safe and easy international repatriation is our primary focus,  however we can help family members with other arrangements as needed. We do our best to provide you our service at the best competitive rates and we will assure you that your loved one will reach their destination with care and respect.


Over 15 years of experience in human remains repatriations

100+ repatriation from Nepal

Internationally accredited

Core services

Beside providing the extra services for family members, we have following core services


24 Hour pick up by ambulance or helicopter from remote areas

Repatriation, Cremation, sending urn and belongings back home

Autopsy, Embalming, Death Registration and Translations

Standard to exclusive coffin and casket for air transportation


Extra services for family

Beside repatriation and funeral services we provide following services to the bereaved family (charges may apply for some services)


Airport pick-up and hiring a car

Booking airline tickets, hotel booking and currency exchange

Visit the location of incident

Hiring an interpreter and /or good lawyer

Procedure for the cremation of mortal remains in Nepal

Nepal is a Hindu dominated country so most of the rituals follow core Hindu tradition of cremation. The body will be transported by an ambulance and cremated on the banks of the holy River.

The corpse will be wrapped in a white/red cotton cloth. A garland of some flowers will be stretched along the length of the body and then a mourner will light the funeral pyre. At the end the ashes will be gathered and put into an urn.

This is totally different than what most westerners may think about it. Machine cremation may not be available for all the time and it will be done on an open-public area.

The whole process will take approximately 4 hours but sometime we have to be in a queue and wait for additional hour or two.


International Recognition and Association

We are a member of National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD), UK, The World Organization of Funeral Operatives (FIAT-IFTA), The Netherlands and Australian Funeral Directors Association (AFDA)

Feel free to call us for any additional services

Payment terms

Acceptance of Guarantee of Payment Letter

The guarantee of payment letter could be accepted from insurance agencies, reputed funeral and repatriation service providers and our partner companies in order to activate our service, however for the private customers we require 100% advance before we can proceed.

Payment policy

The account has to be settled within 3 weeks after the notification of the invoice. After 3 weeks there will be additional 1% of the total amount per month.

24/7 Available

24/7 emergency assistance Available. Normally, we will reply you within few minutes but we may be busy with another case like yours, please don’t hesitate to ring us more than usual. We can understand – your case is urgent!

Core services

  • Repatriation and Funeral (Cremation) 
  • Sending belongings back home
  • Autopsy and Embalming 
  • Coffin, Caskets and Urns
  • Death certification & Registration

Extra services

  • Airport pick-up and hiring a car
  • Booking airline tickets, hotel booking and currency exchange
  • Hiring an interpreter and /or good lawyer
  • Visit the location of incident