Nepal Funeral and Repatriation Services

Nepal Funeral Service Pvt. Ltd. (NFS) stands as one of Nepal’s oldest and most trusted providers of human remains repatriation services and funeral arrangements. Working in this sector as a humanitarian service since 1996 and officially registered as a funeral and repatriation company in 2010, NFS boasts a legacy of authenticity and reliability, earning the trust of individuals, insurance companies, and embassies alike. Our expertise in worldwide repatriation, funeral arrangements, and cremation services in Nepal, coupled with established relationships with international entities, ensures seamless assistance during times of grief. With NFS, families can find solace in knowing that their loved ones are handled with utmost care and respect, backed by years of experience and unwavering dedication.

Our Core services

Beside providing the extra services for family members, we have following core services

  • Repatriation, Cremation, sending urn and belongings back home
  • Autopsy, Embalming, Death Registration and Translations
  • Standard to exclusive coffin / casket for air transportation

Extra services for family

Beside repatriation and funeral services we provide following services to the bereaved family (charges may apply for some services)

  • Airport pick-up and hiring a car
  • Booking airline tickets, hotel booking and currency exchange
  • Visit the location of incident
  • Hiring an interpreter and /or good lawyer

Payment Terms & Policy

Acceptance of Guarantee of Payment Letter

The guarantee of payment letter could be accepted from insurance agencies, reputed funeral and repatriation service providers and our partner companies in order to activate our service, however for the private customers we require 100% advance before we can proceed.

The account has to be settled within 3 weeks after the notification of the invoice. After 3 weeks there will be additional 1% of the total amount per day.

24/7 Available

24/7 emergency assistance Available. Normally, we will reply to you within a few minutes but we may be busy with another case like yours, please don’t hesitate to ring us more than usual. We can understand – your case is urgent!

Core services

  • Repatriation and Funeral (Cremation)
  • Sending belongings back home
  • Autopsy and Embalming
  • Coffin, Caskets and Urns
  • Death certification & Registration

Extra services

  • Airport pick-up and hiring a car
  • Booking airline tickets, hotel booking and currency exchange
  • Hiring interpreter and/or good lawyer
  • Visit the location of the incident