Our Services

Nepal Funeral Service Pvt. Ltd. provides repatriation of human remains and funeral services. We handle everything from sending or bringing the deceased home to funeral arrangements and cremation. We offer a range of coffins suitable for air transportation as well as local funeral transportation all over Nepal. Our caring team is experienced and dedicated to helping families during difficult times. Trust us to support you with compassion and professionalism.

Organizing and coordinating all aspects of repatriating the deceased (dead bodies), including liaising with relevant authorities, embassies or consulates, customs, airlines, and funeral homes in both Nepal and destination countries.
Assisting with the completion of all necessary paperwork and documentation required for the repatriation and/or funeral process, including death certificates, permits, and customs clearance forms at Kathmandu International Airport.
Nepal Funeral Service can assist you with a cold room for the storage of dead bodies (human corpses) of foreigners or Nepalese awaiting family members, identification, removal for autopsy, burial, cremation, or other methods of disposal where we can store up to five dead bodies at a time.

Arranging the transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the destination country which may involve air transportation, ground transportation, or a combination of both.

Organizing or assisting a hearse, ambulance, funeral van, or funeral coach for the transportation of the deceased or a coffin from Kathmandu International Airport to any part of Nepal.

Offering a selection of coffins or caskets suitable for transportation, including options that meet the specific requirements of international shipping regulations as well as local (Nepal) needs.
Providing embalming services and preparing the deceased for transportation, ensuring compliance with international regulations and standards for the handling of human remains.
Nepal Funeral Service provides comprehensive funeral, cremation, and burial arrangements services. From traditional funeral ceremonies to respectful cremation services and dignified burial arrangements, we offer personalized solutions to honor your loved one’s memory. Trust us to guide you through this challenging time with care and professionalism.

Shipping of the deceased personal belongings or the repatriation of urn.

Our services are available 24/7
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Repatriation of deceased and local funeral transportation

Safe and easy international repatriation is our primary focus, however, we can help family members with other arrangements as needed. We do our best to provide you with our service at the best competitive rates and we will assure you that your loved ones will reach their destination with care and respect.


  • Over 20 years of experience in human remains repatriations and funeral services in Nepal to worldwide.
  • Economic but highly professional repatriation & funeral service in Nepal
  • Internationally accredited

Our Main services

  • Repatriation of human remains from Kathmandu Nepal
  • Receiving Coffin / dead bodies in Nepal
  • Transportation of the Human Remains (deceased), Coffin,  Ash (Urn), and belongings
  • Autopsy / Postmortem and Embalming Service
  • Casket/Coffin supply for air transportation and funeral transportation in Nepal
  • Cremation service and funeral planning
  • Customs clearance of dead bodies in Nepal
  • Death Certification & Registration

Extra services for bereaved family

(charges may apply)

  • Airport pick-up and customs clearance of the human remains (dead bodies) at Kathmandu Airport
  • Hotel booking & Hiring a car
  • Hiring an Interpreter
  • Finding a good lawyer
  • Visit the location of the incident

24/7 Available

24/7 emergency assistance Available. Normally, we will reply to you within a few minutes but we may be busy with another case like yours, please don’t hesitate to ring us more than usual. We can understand – your case is urgent!

Core services

  • Repatriation and funeral arrangements, cremation, customs clearance and funeral transportation Services
  • Sending belongings and ash back home
  • Autopsy and Embalming
  • Coffins, Caskets, and Urns supply
  • Death certification & Registration

Extra services

  • Airport pick-up and hiring a car
  • Booking airline tickets, hotel booking and currency exchange
  • Hiring interpreter and/or good lawyer
  • Visit the location of the incident