About Us

Who Are We?

Nepal Funeral Service Pvt. Ltd. is an undertaker, human remains repatriation, a funeral home, a bereavement and assistance service provider in Kathmandu, Nepal run by the experienced international undertakers, para-medics and funeral directors.

What We Do?

Provide 24/7 emergency assistance & customer care, international repatriation of deceased and organizing funeral ceremony in Nepal.

How We Work?

We follow disaster & crises management and preparedness of calamities guideline (of Int’l governing agency) for air-crashes, earthquakes, storms, travel, trekking, mountaineering, adventure related accidents and natural death.

Our Team

Our team consists of paramedics, embalmers, funeral directors, human remains repatriation experts and experienced coordinating and assisting staffs.

With Whom We Work?

We work with travel insurance, rescue/assistance, emergency evacuation and medical air ambulance service providers, corporations and the bereaved family.

International Recognition and Association